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Mike & Cindy Wilhelm
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 Grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and pastured poultry are respectfully raised using organic, ecological, humane and sustainable farming practices.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am – 5pm

Monday to Wednesday – by chance or appointment – Just Call

We now accept debit or credit card

Farm Tours Welcome!

Respectfully raised GRASS-FED BEEF, and PASTURED PORK available all year long. Please Contact Us for information and a Price List.

At Dragonfly Garden Farm, our animals live outside on pasture, eating various native grasses and plants.  Proactive animal management practices, fresh air, green grass, and regular house-keeping, allows us to raise a nice variety of animals on a small scale.

All our animals are given “free choice” to decide when they go outside, eat, drink or sleep.  We provide clean and comfortable housing and ensure our farm practices are respectful of each animal, the land we farm and the environment.

We offer two kinds of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) which include a variety of beef, pork, poultry and game meats.  The Fall Family CSA is a 200 lbs meat sampler which feeds a family of four for 100 meals and is delivered once in the fall.

The Farm Share CSA includes 6 monthly deliveries of 20, 30 or 40lbs of a variety of meat.  We offer many sizes of Beef & Pork Samplers, Custom Orders or you can select the individual cuts you prefer.

Check out How We Farm   where we explain how our farm practices are unique and alternative.  Our choice to raise Grass-Fed animals has given us the opportunity to have many wonderful, and not so wonderful farm experiences. We share some of those with you in our Farm Store Blog.

As a grass based farm, our products are seasonal. Grass-fed Beef and Pork are available all year, but tastes the best in the fall.  Grass fed Lamb, Bison, Poultry, Game Birds, Rabbit and Honey are available in late summer and fall right up to December.

We process most animals while they are actively grazing, and process in the off season only when orders are placed.  We want to ensure you receive the full health benefit of grass-fed meat.

Farm Tours are always welcome.   It would be our pleasure to be your farmer!



 Dragonfly Garden Farm is now a Homestead Organics Feed Supplier for Grey & Bruce County. Contact us, call or email with all your organic feed, mineral, supplements, soil amendment and animal health needs and we will provide you with Price Lists.  Perfect for the alternative farmer, homesteader, or hobby farmer.

tesWHY Dragonfly? Dragonflies are skilled flyers, and no other insect or bird has the same maneuverability. They take risks and adapt to almost any environment. Dragonflies are always on the go and they spend much of their life in transition to become something beautiful, graceful and free. Proving that with skill, determination and the ability to adapt, you are free to gracefully fly. Check out the full story.

So, from our hearts, and as the proprietors of Dragonfly Farm Store, WELCOME!

Cindy & Mike Wilhelm